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Basic Functions Of the Site
How to change name. Go to profile. Top left you will see your name. Click on the name and edit. Click anywhere on the page and it will be updated.
How to begin a battle How to battle a member Go to the Members page. If you see the person on the members page you would like to battle then click on the "battle me" button. Once it is accepted by the other member the battle will begin and will display on the Battles page.
How to send a message to a member To begin a conversation go to the Members page. You will see arrow icon under the profile name you would like to talk to . This will open a message box. You can keep current on the conversation in the Inbox from this point. If you do not see the member you are looking for , put their name in the search box then submit the search.
Update profile pictureGo to your profile. CLick on the picture thats being displayed. An upload box will open where you choose the picture you would like to update. Bottom right of the screen is an UPDATE button .. This will complete the process.
Viewing someones profile Go to the members page. choose the profile you wish to see. Click on the picture to be taken to their profile page. From here you can also see their previous battles, wins . losses